General Information

The Piano & Violin Studio is located in Plainfield, IL and offers private lessons to students of all ages, from as young as 3 years old to adult, and all abilities from beginner to advanced.  Also offered are Group instrumental and ensemble lessons as well as Piano and Violin Readiness classes for children ages 3-5 who may not be quite ready to start taking private lessons yet, but would benefit from a primer class.  For more information on the types of classes offered visit the ‘Info & Registration’ Page.  

Elizabeth is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with over 15 years of experience and a passion for bringing beautiful music and its benefits into the lives of others. Under Elizabeth’s instruction, students are encouraged to reach their full musical potential in a fun yet challenging environment.  Students not only learn to play and master their chosen instrument(s), but they develop a love and overall appreciation for music and the arts.  And because every student is unique and has different learning styles, Elizabeth endeavors to create individualized lesson plans that take each student’s strengths, interests and learning abilities into consideration.  Each student learns how to sight read music and receives guided instruction in all  aspects of performance, theory and aural training.  Students are also encouraged to make their own music through improvisation and composition wherever possible.  All of these elements teach students to become well-rounded musicians and help develop valuable skills they can carry over into other disciplines throughout life.

Performance opportunities are regularly provided throughout the year, from scheduled recitals at churches, books stores and other concert venues, to mini-recitals  given at the studio for parents and fellow students.  Students are encouraged and expected to participate in these events whenever possible. Through these experiences students develop confidence and self-esteem, poise and respect for themselves and others all while expressing themselves through artistic performances of various styles of music.   And best of all, students grow up learning that playing music is fun, exciting and rewarding!  It is also a great way many students build friendships with other children and their peers. 

The independent studio is located in Plainfield, IL in the Dunmoor Estates subdivision East of Heggs Road, between 126th Street and 135th Street. It serves students from Plainfield, Naperville and the surrounding areas and communities.