Lessons & Classes Offered & Registration

Below are some of the lessons and classes available at Elizabeth Sang Piano and Violin Studio. 

We offer a range of different teaching methods to suit each individual student. 

Lessons are subject to spaces available. 


Private Lessons in 10-12 week sessions

Private individual lessons at Elizabeth Sang Piano and Violin Studio

Beginners: 30-45 minutes 

Intermediate: 45-60 minutes 

Advanced: 60-90 minutes

Online private lessons

Online lessons at Elizabeth Sang Piano and Violin Studio

Individual lessons via Skype or Zoom are also available. Same format as above, except online. Contact me for more details.

Group Lessons in 8-10 week sessions

Group lessons at Elizabeth Sang Piano and Violin Studio

Beginner – Intermediate group piano, violin  and chamber ensemble: 45 minutes

Group classes are designed and grouped together for students of similar ability that enjoy the benefits of learning within a larger setting. Ensemble groups consist of violins or keyboards alone, or a mixture of both. 

Piano & Violin Readiness Classes in 8-10 week sessions

Readiness lessons at Elizabeth Sang Piano and Violin Studio

For ages 3 – 5 yrs : 40 minutes

Geared towards children who maybe aren’t quite ready for private lessons yet, but would benefit from a low-key class. This introduces the piano or violin in a fun and enjoyable group setting. The class sets a great foundation for more focused private lessons down the road.  

Enrollment is subject to demand and requires a minimum of 2 students to run, maximum 6.

WunderKeys Preschool Piano

Individual or Group Lessons Available

For ages 3-5 yrs: 30 minutes 

Group requires minimum of 2 students to run, maximum 6

Learn more about Wunderkeys here.


PIANO LESSON SPECIAL: All children who participate and complete the Wunderkeys Preschool Group Program automatically receive a free individual piano lesson.

How to register

To register for lessons, please complete the form below. Alternatively, send an email to elizabethsang.musicstudio@gmail.com and I will contact you to discuss your needs and schedule a day and time for your lessons.  

Don’t forget to state which instrument, type of lesson/class you are interested in. Also, please state your age and skill level and your availability for lessons in the comment box.