Studio Policy

Prior to commencing lessons, each student and parent will receive a detailed studio policy and agreement to sign.  Amongst other things, it provides guidelines about the following: 

What you can expect from the teacher

What is expected of students and parents

Information about rescheduling/cancellation 

Release forms.   

Below is some general information:

At the studio

Students should arrive for lessons in a timely manner, with all required materials and music.  Parents may wait in designated areas or leave and return to pick up the student promptly at the end of the lesson.  

If siblings or other children who are not enrolled in lessons must wait at the studio, they must be accompanied by an adult and cannot disrupt the lessons.  If any children are persistently disruptive they will be asked to leave.  


The best way to contact me is via email or phone message, or through my contact page.  I will respond promptly with an email reply or phone call.  Each parent or student is encouraged to voice any concerns or questions so that any issues can be resolved.  

I welcome communication from students during the week if they have questions regarding their repertoire or other matters.  For example, if a student gets home and is unsure about what s/he needs to practice or has forgotten some fingering, it is always better to contact the teacher as soon as possible rather than wait for days until the next lesson.  

I will be happy to go over and help the student (over the phone, video conference or occasionally in person) with anything they aren’t sure about whenever possible.

Progress Reports & Assessments

To discuss a student’s progress, parents are welcome to talk with me during the first few minutes of their child’s lesson.  

Alternatively, any specific questions regarding a student can be left via a phone message or email.  

I give formal assessments twice a year and send out written progress reports shortly afterwards.  The assessments test the students’ performance, theory, aural and musicianship skills. These are a good way to track a student’s progress and set goals for the next 6 months. 

Practice and Instrument

Private students should expect to practice daily on a well-maintained acoustic piano or quality digital piano or correctly sized acoustic violin and bow.  

Depending on age and skill level, I will set recommended goals for how long as student should practice and strategies for optimal learning and enjoyment.

Group Class students are expected to practice on the instrument or materials that have been assigned, depending on the class.  This may be their portable keyboard or acoustic/digital pianos, acoustic violin or practice props. 


I recommend students use a tote bag/backpack to carry their books and materials to and from lessons.  

I will give each student age/skill appropriate sheet music and/or method books at the start of lessons and the cost of books is due upon receipt.  

I will notify parents ahead of time of approximate costs when new materials or books are needed throughout the year.  

I also recommend an assignment notebook and pocket folder. These will be used to write weekly assignments and practice suggestions/goals for each week, any theory worksheets and loose copies of sheet music that I may provide.  

Calendar and Schedule

I give private lessons generally in 10-12 week semesters or sessions throughout the entire year, including the summer months.  

Winter, Spring breaks and holidays generally follow the school District 158 calendar.    Group Classes are given in 8-10 week semesters or sessions.

Tuition and Payment

Prior to the beginning of each semester, I will mail out a calendar detailing lessons scheduled and invoice.  

Tuition is due in full prior to the beginning of each session. Alternatively, this can be divided into 2 equal installments due by the beginning and middle of semester if you have discussed arrangements with me beforehand. 

Cash or check are acceptable forms of payment. Credit card or online payments are not currently available yet.

Rescheduling or Cancelling a Lesson

If you need to reschedule a private lesson, I require 72 hours notice prior to the day of the originally scheduled lesson.  I will offer several options for a makeup lesson, based on availability.  

If a student cancels at the last minute or fails to show up, I will not offer a makeup lesson and will consider it a cancellation.  

If the roads are impassible due to weather or a medical emergency arises and the student desires a make-up lesson, I will make efforts to accommodate the request based on availability.

If a student misses or is late for a group lesson or class, no reschedule is offered or tuition refundable.

If your child is not feeling well and has a fever over 99.9F or has been absent from school on the day of the lesson, please keep your child home until they are no longer contagious.

I recommend that once the school year begins, students keep to the assigned weekly lesson day and time.  Continual rescheduling is disruptive and hinders the student’s progress as there is a lack of consistency.  

If a lesson day or time needs to be changed permanently mid semester, please contact me. I can usually accommodate an alternative arrangement starting the following month, subject to availability.

Discontinuing Lessons or Classes

In the event that a student and parent make the decision to discontinue lessons, I require one month’s written notice.   

As the teacher, I respect the student’s right to end lessons at any time. However, I will be unable to refund any tuition paid for the semester.  

Students may continue receiving their scheduled lessons or classes that have been paid for. This allows for a smooth transition period and closure for the students who often form strong bonds with their teachers. 

Exceptions may be made in the event a family needs to relocation further than 25 miles from the studio or if there is serious illness followed by a doctor’s note.   

Please note: At my discretion, I may ask students to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or they are generally disruptive or disrespectful.

Parent Participation

I encourage parents to be supportive and active participants in helping their child practice at home.  

I also encourage parents to attend and quietly observe lessons approximately once a month if it is not distracting to the student.

Studio recitals, Performance Opportunities, Competition & Exams

Each year, I schedule a number of exciting performance events for private students and their parents.  See my events page for details of previous recitals, or my photo gallery for pictures.  

The studio does not currently charge an annual registration fee like most piano/violin studios. As such, each student is responsible for paying any fees or costs required to participate in public recitals, competitions and examinations. 

There is no fee for in-studio mini recitals. 

I will provide prior notice of any recitals or upcoming events by way of the studio newsletter and through the events section of the website or Facebook page

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